Why Faounter (Face Counter)?

The Internet of Things is about merging the digital and the physical. The most important thing in our world now is to know your customer behaviours and the data behind that, we call this "closing the loop".

That's right; Many great companies did that; Google built a fortune by measuring clicks and views of ads, helping brands optimize their offerings; Amazon "closed the loop" by suggesting relevant products based on your browsing and buying habits; LinkedIn "closed the loop" because they allowed us to discover hidden relationships within our network, helping people get a new job or a new business deal.

In fact, there's a great quote from a known Silicon Valley investor that says:

"What I learned from Google is to only invest in things that close the loop" (Chris Sacca)

If we apply this concept to the physical world, the possibilities are enormous.

This project is about closing the loop in the real world: being able to measure the interest in a product or shelf and having this data online using Faounter dashboard, to help retailers and product manufacturers make decisions in real-time.

The process with Faounter is very simple. All you need is:

  • Android device with camera.
  • Faounter App.
  • Faounter Dashboard.
  • Internet (WiFi/3G/4G).

It could be applied to many things like:

  • Measuring the interest in a particular product in a supermarket
  • Measuring the interest of students in a particular book or topic in a library's bookshelf
  • Do A/B testing of product features or packaging

And the best thing is - it will cost you now only $59.99 USD (first 100 orders only).


Please feel free to write to us and tell us what features you are looking for..

We expect the project to be live by the last quarter of 2017.